While Rescuing A Kitten, Woman Finds Another One In Desperate Need Of Help

Imagine going to rescue a kitten in need but coming home with two of them. That means you save, not one, but two lives! Such situations happen to me very often. This is also what happened to a kind woman called Kelley Lawrence Peters.

Kelley, the founder of The Kitty Krusade, also known as Justin Fire Survivor, dedicated her life to saving distressed cats.

One day, Kelley was on her way to do one good deed when a new opportunity to do another appeared right in front of her.

She was going to the shelter to pick up an injured kitten so that it wouldn’t be euthanized.

While she was driving down the highway, she spotted another cat lying motionless on the hard shoulder. Kelley explained:

“I did a double take… pulled over immediately. Sure enough, it’s a 6-8 week old kitten, shut from an upper respiratory infection and motionless.”

Just when she thought that the kitty had no chance, the biggest surprise happened. Kelley called out to the kitty, and she managed to lift her head just enough to show Kelley that there was some fight left in her.

After seeing that, Kelley immediately scooped her up and took her. She also decided to name her right away. She named her Dave because, at that time, she thought the kitty was a male. She said:

“How the kitten got on a very busy six-lane highway, with barrier walls, I don’t know. How no one stopped to help her, I don’t know. But, I’m honored she allowed me to bring her to safety.”

After spontaneously rescuing Dave, Kelley had to pick up Mia, the shelter cat with a shattered pelvis.

Kelley knew she was Mia and Dave’s only chance for survival, and she was happy they ended up in the best hands. After only three weeks, they started healing and doing much better. 

In the end, they turned out to be very happy and playful kittens looking for their fur-ever home. I hope they have found their humans and that they enjoy each and every meow-ment with them!

Such stories inspire me; if you think so too, I suggest you come back again and read more amazing cat rescue stories!

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