Woman Adopts A Blind Cat Who Falls In Love With Her Deaf Cat

My auntie has a blind cat. He’s just like a grown-up baby if I can put it that way. He’s incredibly smart and he never makes the same mistake twice. For example, when he was a young cat, he’d jump off the couch and just go straight. 

Now, sometimes, he’d jump from a different side of the couch and once he continued going straight and hit a wall. Believe it or not, it never happened again! 

Their vet told them that he has an incredible memory and he goes by the smells he memorizes around the house. He’s just an incredible little fur baby! 

Even more incredible are these two “lovers” lol! This woman adopted a blind cat and brought him to her home, where she already has a deaf female cat. Oh, it was love at first… meow. 

Meet Hugo The Blind Cat And His Female Cat Friends

Becky, the woman who adopted Hugo, says she’s been working with rescue cats for as long as she can remember and has been rescuing cats for a long time. 

“At the time I had a bling cat which I still have, her name is Sushi. I had another cat as well and I never wanted a third because I live in Manhattan and there’s not a lot of room. But Beth Stern, Howard Stern’s wife, had posted him and it was funny because my grandfather’s name was Hugo.”

She thought that maybe this was some weird sign from her grandfather. She couldn’t not adopt him. 

Hugo was found abandoned on the street with some serious eye injuries. He cannot see so he often stands at the wrong side of the door trying to go out. When she first brought him to his new home, he immediately explored the entire apartment. 

“We call him the king because everything’s about him.”

He got on well with Becky’s other cats. Sushi, Becky’s blind cat, doesn’t like anyone, but she loves Hugo. 

“She was a foster feral cat, and she hates people but she loves him.”

Becky was supposed to socialize and adapt Sushi so she can get adopted, but as she says it was never going to happen. Now, these two act like a married couple. They often spend some alone time together in Becky’s son’s room. 

“When my son’s not home, Hugo and his little girlfriend love to sit in that room.”

This is so funny, they’re like this is our room, get out! I often believe cats really are dominant over us, we’re just not aware of it hahaha.

Hugo is very clever, but it’s like he’s always been old. He was never playful and he just likes to nap and be groomed by his friend Sushi. 

Usually, Hugo’s just like any other cat; he likes to nap and knead, he purrs and sits on the top of the couch. However, when Becky wants him to come to her lap, he doesn’t want to. What a funny little guy! 

Another funny thing about him is that he’s very human-like. We can see from the Instagram profile that he likes to sleep under the covers and he often sits down in front of the laptop when Becky works. 

Hugo is really amazing and he gets by so easily that people often argue with Becky about whether he is actually blind. 

“He rarely walks into things. It’s pretty unbelievable.” 

He’s really grown on Becky. She can’t imagine her life without him. I can understand her completely. At one point, when I had three cats in my house, I thought well this is enough. Now that I’m living with seven of them, we still get on pretty great. 

Each of them is special in its own way, and I can’t imagine a life without any of them.

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